Whitby Wedding Photography - Helen and Daniel

I never blogged Helen and Danny's amazing Whitby wedding, so let's rewind exactly one year ago today, when the Autumn sun was shining down on Helen and Danny as they tied the knot.   

The day was full of fun and vibrancy, which I think is what they aimed for. Whitby is their favourite place and they never get sick of visiting, so of course it made sense for them to wed here.  Here are just some of my favourites from throughout the day.

My day started at the Shepherd's Purse, a quirky little hotel in Whitby centre. As soon as I set eyes on that dress, I  knew Helen was going to look stunning.  I left Helen to enjoy her breakfast and raced up town to catch Daniel and the boys for a quick game of mini golf at Arnold Palmers. 

Helen and Danny arranged an open top bus ride to treat their guests to a few sites and stop off points around Whitby. Check out the hand made bus tickets by Helen. 

This is one stylish couple. I absolutely love their vintage look.

Helen is a florist at the flower shop in Keighley. She designed and made her beautiful bouquet herself.

After a traditional fish and chip dinner at the famous Magpie's Cafe, and as the sun began to set, It was time to put on the dancing shoes for the reception. 

Just how amazing is this cake? So fitting for their wedding. I love it!

Looking back at these photos, it actually feels like yesterday. What an amazing day!

Happy anniversary.