Photo Books & Wedding Albums - why print in a digital world?

How many of you take photos and never print them. How many of you snap away until you have the photo you love and discard the rest. What do you do with the amazing photo you love? Maybe make it your profile picture? But seriously what happened to printing photos.  The idea of hiding our memories on a hard drive is just a waste in my opinion.

Everyone should print their photos and I'm not saying that as a photographer, but as someone that holds memories dear.

Prints really do bring the photo to live. They have a presence. I love walking into a home and seeing framed photos dotted around. 

Facebook might hold the majority of your friends, but are your grandparents on Facebook to see your wedding photos for example? Would sending them your favourite photo through the post mean something to them? Whether they stick it on the fridge on have it framed on their mental piece, they will think of you every time they look at it.

What about if your friends pop round, will you boot up your laptop to show them your wedding photos or family photo shoot or reach for your photobook  laying on the coffee table which they're probably already eyeing up after seeing the stunning canvas hanging in your hall way?

Look, I'm not actually here to preach about the importance of printing. You'll rather agree with me or not. I think most would agree that printing some of your favourite photos isn't something you'll regret. So what is this blog actually about? Well I'm here to show you some great photobooks that I offer. 


I offer a choice of personalised photo cover books with a protective pouch or alternatively a padded (cream or black) real leather cover, which can be laser etched and supplied in a hand made box.

I also offer these mini photo books, sold as a pair. These are an ideal gift to the bride and grooms parents, or a great way to display a collection from a family photo shoot.

Quality is everything! Photographically printed onto Fuji Photolustre DP2 photographic paper. Each page is reverse mounted and flush trimmed. The combined thickness of each leaf is 44gsm. Designed with black end paper. 

The inner pages are photographically printed with no visual break in the spine, images run seamlessly across spreads. This means there can be one image per spread or many without seeing any distracting beaks in the photo.

These photo books are of the highest printing quality and look amazing. They are such a great way to display a photo collection and will make you want to come back to relive the memories again and again. 


Hard drives can easily go corrupt, get damaged or lost. How many of you have lost digital files? Back your photos up and back them up again and then print them. See your photos even after the 'off' button it pressed.


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