Golden Acre Park - The Todd Family

During May, I met the Todd family at Golden Acre Park near Leeds, for a family lifestyle photo shoot. The weather was starting to warm up, the sun was peeking through the clouds and there was a happiness in the air. 

Everyone feels a little nervous in front of the camera at the very start, that's only natural. I have to say the Todd family broke the records for the quickest relaxing time. Seriously it must have been about 5 frames and boom, they were like naturals.

These two have such a lovely bond. I love this sequence of James helping his little sister to pick flowers and making her laugh. It was a lot of fun walking around Golden Acre Park capturing this family on their day out and it's a great park for a lifestyle shoot. I always aim to capture and freeze the real moments and this family made it easy and great fun.

Thank you to the Todd family - you were brilliant.