Staying Creative

It can be difficult staying creative and coming up with fresh ideas. We all get a bit stuck in a rut and creatively, we feel like we've 'hit the wall' Here's some points I find help me. I hope this spreads some positive thinking. 


Write a list or ideas board - Write a list of what you want/need to do. It might help relax you. There's no need to store all these separate points in your head. Plus it feels great to tick them off when it's complete.

Use media - Check out related magazines, Pinterest, your heroes work and be inspired by it.

Take a break - Don't just sit at a desk, inspiration is everywhere, go for a walk.

Carry a notepad (and camera, obviously) - Inspiration can come to you at any point.

Practice - Get out there and put your ideas into action. This often generates more.

Use what you have - Use what you have around you. You don't have to go far.

Use what's around you. It doesn't have to cost money

Get feedback - It's good to have a different perspective. Maybe your idea is the best you've ever come up with, but you've been thinking about it so long - you just don't know it.  It could be the worse idea you've ever had, so put that down to practice.

Collaborate - Work and surround yourself with creative people.

Tidy your work-space  - A tidy space is a tidy mind.

Listen to music -  This might help set your mood and the right frame of mind for creativity.

Go somewhere new - Visit new locations, try a new wine bar, take the bus instead of driving. Mix things up a little.

Revisit ideas - Call upon something you've used before and do it differently to change the results.

Don't be hard on yourself - We are our worst critics. Allow for mistakes and failures. New ideas might not always be how you envisioned, but how will you know unless you try.  

 Call upon something you've used before and do it different to change the results.


Thank you for stopping by and I hope this has helped if you aren't feeling too enthusiastic today. I blame the weather.

Come back sun!