Putting The Camera Down

I like to document almost everything and my way to do this is visually.  For some reason my ability to recall childhood memories are terrible, so my parents photos of my childhood are as important to me as the stories. This week I have taken a break and travelled down to the Cornish coast for a staycasion, and I have so far made an effort to switch off from social media, put work on a bit of a back burner and make an effort to put down the camera.

It turns out switching off from social media is actually. I have no receptions and pretty much no data where I am. ( I rush to write this before the WiFi drops off) However putting down the camera is pretty difficult especially when I come across something that triggers memories.  I used to come to Cornwall often as a child so I find myself reaching for the camera when I see something that pulls at the edges of my memory. 

I think holidays are extremely important. Everyone needs that time to switch off and discontinue the routine for a change. I find there's always something to be done, and there's another job waiting as soon as the previous has been completed. A holiday isn't just about sun, sea and sand. It's about winding down and re-energising.  So tomorrow I may even leave the camera in the bag!....


but then I wont have photographs like this to aid my memory years from now.