Abandoned Building

I have a strange love for abandoned places. It's a little odd I know, but I find something fascinating about them. I feel a little like a detective finding clues to the history of the place. They stand alone empty and isolated but there's something very alive about them.

I've been wanting to do some kind of a shoot in an abandoned building for ages now and it's taken some time to find the perfect location.

The other day I plucked up the courage to go and scout out an abandoned mill I'd heard about. After a bit of research I managed to locate the building.

I crept along the edge of the corridor checking my footing with every step. This took twice as long to reach the other side and only heightened the suspense to see the large room I'd captured a glimpse off through a hole in the outer building wall. My heart leapt as I heard a noise and something move in front of me. Phew! It was only a pigeon that had taken up residency here.

The recce was worth the while  and I definitely want to return for a photo shoot here. So watch this space.