Bridal Boudoir Photography


It's not about baring all, it's a classy creative photo shoot. 

The idea of a boudoir photo shoot may feel intimidating but you've click on this link, so there must be a part of you that's interested in boudoir photography. So let's find out if a boudoir photo shoot for you?


A boudoir photo shoot is a elegant, sensual and classy style shoot to produce images typically in your lingerie. But you could wear jeans and a vest top if that's the look your going for. It is popular with brides to be, but really this could be for anyone. How about a anniversary gift? 

Is a boudoir photo shoot for you?

Time out. A boudoir photo shoot is a great idea to take time out for yourself away from your busy life. During wedding planning, your time can feel consumed by everything weddings. Some time out for yourself could be just what you need. 

It's sexy. You should do something that scares you every now and again. Step out of your comfort zone and | guarantee you'll have fun and you'll feel super sexy. 

Feel liberated. This shoot is all about feeling empowered and boosting confidence

Show off the hard work. A lot of brides hit the gym and say no to that slice of cake offered on their lunch break. This has got to be the time to be proud of your hard work. 

Show off the pretty bridal lingerie, or a great excuse to go shopping.

It's a great gift for your fiancee. Imagine his face when he opens a photobook with your amazing photos on your wedding morning. 


A boudoir shoot is between 1 - 2 hours long. Lets be honest, you will need a little time to relax into the session and feel comfortable. I like to create a chilled, no rush, relaxed atmosphere. You can even pop open a bottle of wine to help you relax.

I'd suggest a hotel of your choice or perhaps your wedding venue has accommodation where the photo shoot can take place. Not forgetting your own home is always an option. Essentially, somewhere with good natural light and no background cluster. 

This shoot is exclusive to the lucky groom and for his eyes only ...and of course yourself. Imagine looking back on in 30 years time to see how confidently beautiful you were at that stage of your life. 


If you think you might be interested in boudoir photography or have any questions, I can't wait to hear from you.

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