Wedding Favours Ideas

Wedding favours, what are they and what's the point?

Favours are a small gift to the the guests to show a token of appreciation from the new couple. Traditionally the gift was confectionery, which was a symbol or wealth at the time of sugar being expensive. Over the years the wedding favours change to almonds, which was given to signify well wishes for the couple. Sugar almonds can still be common today. 

Wedding favours should't be something you feel must be given. It is a personal choice. If you do decide to give a small gift to your guests, remember it doesn't have to cost a lot. You don't need to go all out and bump up that already extensive budget.


So what do you want your favours to be? Here are some fun ideas

You don't want your guest to leave it behind, after all you've spent hard earned pennies on these gift.  Food or small bottles of alcohol is always welcomed. You know your guests will appreciate it.  Small chocolate favours can be presented elegantly and tie in with the rest of the table decorations. If you're on a budget, you could always make your own jam. There's a lot of DIY blogs on the net of favours. * check with the venue that alcohol favours are allowed.

You want your favours to mean something. This is my favourite wedding favour yet.  Each guest was ask to reply to their invite with a choice of song. Their song were played during the reception and the couples favourites made a CD that was given to the guests as a gift. How's that for a memory of the day?

You want to keep it fun.  Lottery tickets and scratch card are a bit of fun and you could double them up as place names. You could make them more personal by adding a note or poem.

Don't forget the kids. Children can get restless during weddings, so why not make their favours a small pack of entertainment. Colouring books are always a great option.

You want something a bit different. If you can splash a little more cash, a keep sake gift is an ideal permanent reminder of the day and looks impressive as part of the table decoration. Check out 


Remember your guests are there to celebrate with you, not for any other reasons. A wedding favour is a nice gesture and should not be another thing on your long list to worry about.


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