Bride Advice - Top Tips For A Summer Wedding

Let's face it, we aren't really cut out for these temperatures. A lot of us could sit in the sunshine and bask all day quite happily, but when it come to getting things done, the heat makes things a little uncomfortable.  As much as I'm absolutely loving this gorgeous summer we are having, I feel for brides in their heavy dresses. I've put together a few handy trip for summer brides.

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2017 - The Best Wedding and Lifestyle Photography

The last couple of years, I have posted an end of year blog. A round-up of some of my favourite moments from throughout the year. It's pretty time consuming, but I love looking back on all my work over the year. It's a great time to reflect and I caught myslef with a  ridiculous grin while search through thousands of photos to pick out for this blog. I'm smiling because they bring me such fond memories of that time and the people...

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Staying Creative

Feeling positive and creative today?

It can be difficult staying creative and coming up with fresh ideas. We all get a bit stuck in a rut and creatively, we feel like we've 'hit the wall'. Here's some points I find help me. I hope this spreads some positive thinking. 

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Should You Hire A Wedding Photographer?

Here's something I've been hearing a lot lately, on the topic on weddings...

'Everyone has a camera these days, anyone can take the photos'

I'm writing this post because I feel pretty strong about the blasé statement. I'm not saying the statement is wrong. Yes, lot of people have cameras and yes, any one of those people could take some photos of you at your wedding. But do you know what you'll be missing out on? No, really missing out on?

So should you hire a professional photographer? Should you ask your friend to take some photos? ...


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