A slice of Thailand

To step out the door and feel the sun on my face and the heat wrap around me, this is one of my favourite things. It's something I've been craving all year long. I had two weeks of it in Thailand and loved every minute of it.

I visited two Islands while I was away. I chose to go for the tranquil relaxed atmosphere of Koh Tao and Koh Samui, instead of the the chaos I can only imagine from Bangkok. I wasn't disappointed. I totally understand why people fall in love with Thailand - it's beautiful beaches, it's culture and amazing food (that I think is the only food you could eat 3 meals a day)  This is the only place I've been caught in a massive down pour and soaked to the skin in the middle of no where and been completely happy about it. It is always warm, the people are always friendly and the sea in always inviting....even when it rains. And you can get a fresh coconut in any bar. Heaven!

Here's a little slice of Thailand as I experienced it. 

Anyone else been to Thailand? What do you love about it?



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