Barden Engagement Photo Shoot - Mel and Ant

A couple for months back I popped over to Barden to meet Mel and Ant for their engagement photo shoot. Mel ensured me they were both terrible at having their photos taken. Something many couples say to me. I listened and nodded along knowing I'd prove them wrong.  

And I sure did. Here are my favorites form the day 

My main aim on any engagement shoot is to help the couple feel relaxed in front of the camera. I know it's not the most normal thing, having a camera pointed at you and that's why an engagement photo session is part of my package - so it doesn't feel so alien on the big day and for them to realise, it's not actually that bad to be in front of a lens. I know Mel ant Any wasn't particular thrilled at the idea of a pre-wedding photo shoot, but I think they enjoyed it and I feel, I captured the real them. That's a big bonus to me. 

Mel and Ant get married in Skipton next week. I know Mel is busy creating lots of little personal touches to the decor. I can't wait to see it.