Wedding Buttonholes and Corsages

Groom preparation matters too.

I've documenting groom prep many times whilst being a wedding photographer. It's great fun and usually more laid back with a few more drinks and banter flying round than bridal prep. I often get asked the same questions each wedding. And if someone from the groom's party isn't asking me, they're asking the next nearest female.

"How do I attached my buttonhole flower?" "Which side do I wear it on?" "Can you attach it for me?" "What about the corsage?" "Do women wear it on the same side?"

Buttonhole flowers and corsages are not the easiest things to attached (yes I've tried, and I wouldn't say failed, but maybe succeeded isn't the right word either) 

The flower should be placed on the left over the buttonhole (not through it) The pin should not be visible as above and attached from the back of the lapel. The photo below looks perfect.

Click here for a Youtube video demostration

The corsage for women can be a little more difficult. There are often disputes whether it should be worn on the left, the same as the grooms party, or the right. Also whether it should be worn with the stem face up and the flower down. 

Here's more information on this

Whichever side and direction you choose to wear your buttonhole flower and corsage, make sure the ladies are all worn the same and the grooms party are all the same.



I hope you found this useful. Thank you for stopping by :)