Malham Cove Sunny Engagement Photo Shoot - Deborah and David

I met back up with Deborah and David at Malham for their engagement shoot, ahead of their wedding next week. Everything about this session left me smiling. The beautiful scenery, the warm sunshine and the great couple.  

Deborah was a little nervous about the engagement shoot, so we arranged to met early to avoid the crowds. However, as I pulled up on that sunny Sunday morning, it seemed the whole world had flocked to Malham. It made absolutely no difference though. After a few warm up shots, these guys were great in front of the camera and we had such a great time. 

Deborah and David's story is rather a romantic one. They got engaged at the golden gate bride, and will be getting married 2 years on from that very date.  I'm very much looking forward to their wedding day at the Old Swan Hotel in Harrogate next week. These guy have been together since 6th form, and it's more than obvious, it's meant to be! 

Malham is such a beautiful place and the cove is pretty jaw dropping. If you haven't been to this lovely spot in Yorkshire, I would definitely recommend. 

A big thank you to Deborah and David for reminding me how beautiful this spot is and being so great. See you next week for the big day :D


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