Should You Hire A Wedding Photographer?

Here's something I've been hearing a lot lately, on the topic on weddings...

'Everyone has a camera these days, anyone can take the photos'

I'm writing this post because I feel pretty strong about the blasé statement. I'm not saying the statement is wrong. Yes, lot of people have cameras and yes, any one of those people could take some photos of you at your wedding. But do you know what you'll be missing out on? No, really missing out on?

So should you hire a professional photographer? Should you ask your friend to take some photos?


Special moments

I like to document the story of your day as it unfolds. I'm constantly looking for little moments that are so easily missed, like the last minute touch up to the dress or the look on the father's face when he sees his daughter, the groom fidgeting nervously as he waits for his bride, the tear spilt by mum as she takes in the scene. I love these real moments!



Everyone knows girls love their time with their friends getting ready. Bridal prep is all part of the big day, so being present during preparation is a biggie.


The boys have their fair share of the fun too



The time and effort put into a wedding makes each one unique and tailored for the couple. I've worked at stunning decorated venues. I love the venues where the couple's creative style is apparent. I appreciate the small details.


It is so important to make everyone in front of the lens feel comfortable. This isn't always an easy task for the more formal shots. I find having a sense of humour and a laid back approach whilst always being ready to get that shot helps relax people.



It's not all about the camera. It is also about the person behind it. As I shoot in manual – I tell the camera what it should be doing rather than allowing the camera’s sensors to make the decisions for me. However kit is important. Pro cameras and more importantly the lenses, get the results. Without getting all technical, there is a world of difference between the standard DSLR and high end kit. 



Your guests won’t always know how to light a dark venue such as a small church. Going from a dark venue to a light venue requires monitoring the light constantly and reacting by changing iso, aperture and shutter speed. For example lighting the couple, but still exposing a beautiful sunset correctly involves skill not just a click of a button.. 


I think the talent of a photographer is often overlooked. It takes refined skill to create beautiful photographs.  Photography is an ever-changing field, so we are always learning and finding new ways to be creative. It is about forward planning and communicating. Making people feel at ease and instructing. Coordinating large crowds and posing an entire wedding party. It requires patience and time management so the day moves in an efficient manner. Being a photographer is so much more than getting the perfect shot.


Getting the whole thing

I love to tell the story from the very begin to the end. This can mean working from 8am or finishing at 10pm. I feel it's so important to document everything. Will a friend fully commit to this on the day? Will they have a few drinks and miss the important shots? Will they know when something crucial is about to happen? Will they document in detail?



The job doesn't finish when the last song finishes. I may leave shortly after the first dance, but that doesn't mean I stop working. I have thousands of images to go through. All my images are colour balanced, retouched and edited individually - with a sprinkle of my style. 



Yes, of course it’s okay for friends and family to take photos. The more photos, the better. These photos will ultimately be what you look back on to remember the big day. After the wedding, you will only have your memories and your photos, so you want quality, professional photos. Your wedding only happens once! Professionals have the experience and know what they’re doing and what needs to be done to get the best shot.  Your friends and family are attending your wedding as guests, let them be in the moment, let them enjoy it with you.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.

Gemma x

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