Natural Family Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography. So you may be wondering what this is?

I'm writting this blog to help explain why you can get so much more out of a photo shoot with Lifestyle Photography. So what is it?  Lifestyle photograph is a style of photography that aims to capture real situations. It's natural, it's real, and it tell you story craetively... Your story.

My Aim

It's my job to enable you to feel relaxed enough, so your free to be yourself around me. This is important so in order for me to capture the real you. 

I want to do more than photograph what I see, to me lifestyle photography is more than snapping candid photos. 

Capturing the real you.

I want to show the authentic you. I don't think this can be done by putting you in front on my camera and asking you to smile on demand and getting a super nice smiley photo. Sure that photo is nice for the mantel piece. (and of course I can take a couple of posed photos throughout the session) But does it really say anything about who you are?

A super fun experience.

How many smiley, posed photos can I take before you get bored? Before your 2 year old decides they've smiled enough for the lady with a camera. I want you to come along to a lifestyle photo shoot, and enjoy being there with your loved one and do what you would normally do if I wasn't there. To interact the way you would. I want to capture this.

Take away memories.

I want you to take away photos that you love because they are real to you. In years to come, I want you to look back at the photos and these photos are a memory or the day, of that time, of the people you are. I don't want them to just be a memory of the day you went to have some photos taken. It's important to me, that you really enjoy the session. 

A documentation

Looking at old photos of myself, I find it's not the photos of me smiling sweetly that I'm drawn to. It's the natural photos which tell me more about who I was as a child and reflects my personalty. I aim to show your personality, no matter how weird and wonderful it is. 

Who's a lifestyle shoot for?

Lifestyle photo shoots are for mummy's with bumps for tummies, waiting for there precious baby to arrive. It's for parents with crazy children who love to jump in puddles and hate to sit still. It's for the shy little girl, that hides behind daddy. 

It's for anyone who cringes at the thought of standing in front of a camera and being told to smile on demand, but likes the idea and look of professional photos. 

Lifestyle Photography is for anyone who wants to freeze their everyday moments and put a frame around them to saver later.  


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